Samsung releases Galaxy S8 Active with military-grade toughness, bigger battery

Reuters/Kim Hong-JiThe logo of Samsung Electronics is seen at its office building in Seoul, South Korea, July 4, 2017

Continuing its trend of offering an Active version of its Galaxy S flagship line, Samsung releases the new Galaxy S8 Active. The latest smartphone features a body made with military-grade materials, a shatter-proof display and a larger capacity battery.

The company announced the new smartphone through its website. Dubbed Samsung's toughest smartphone yet, the Galaxy S8 active offers "reliable durability with a refined design and premium performance." It is essentially the same phone as the original S8, except for some key changes. The phone forgoes the infinity display, perhaps the most recognizable feature of the S8, in favor of a bulkier body with corner bumpers. It has a shatter, dust and water-resistant design that is great for people with active lifestyles and are worried about the fragility of the original S8.

Samsung websiteThe new Samsung Galaxy S8 Active.

The body of the S8 Active is designed around a metal frame that protects it from abrasion, shock, tilting or twisting. As for the delicate glass surface of the S8's back side, it was ditched for a more rugged textured finish that allows for a better grip. Users who will be purchasing the phone can choose between two colors, Meteor Gray and Titanium Gold.

Another great upgrade compared to the Galaxy S8 comes in the Active version's battery. The original phone came with a 3,000 mAh capacity battery, while the new phone features a massive 4,000 mAh. Together with its rugged design, the phone is great for outdoor adventures.

The Galaxy S8 Active is available exclusively through AT&T Tuesday and will remain so for a limited time. 

"With the combination of its rugged and durable design and instant access to the DIRECTV NOW app, you can stream movies and TV at the pool, the beach or on the ski slopes anytime and anywhere," said Kevin Petersen, senior vice president of AT&T's Device and Network Services Marketing.