Ridley Scott to follow up Exodus with another Bible-related film on King David

Ridley Scott(Photo: Gage Skidmore)

His next big blockbuster hasn't even hit the big screen yet but Ridley Scott is already planning another to follow Exodus: Gods and Kings.

Exodus stars Christian Bale and is due to release in theatres in December.

As the promo machine kicks in for Exodus, Variety is reporting that talks are underway between Scott, 20th Century Fox and Chernin Entertainment on a film looking at another Old Testament figure, this time David.

David is most famous for defeating Goliath but Variety reports that the plot is likely to focus on the time in David's life after his victory over the giant and instead look at his reign as King of Israel.

The production currently has the working title of "David" and may be directed by Scott, although he is reportedly considering whether to focus his next efforts on another film, The Martian, or the follow up to Prometheus. 

It seems the Bible continues to catch the imagination of Hollywood, after two successful Bible-related films this year, Noah, which grossed $359m worldwide, and Heaven is For Real.  

Scott is no stranger to religious themes, having previously directed the crusader epic Kingdom of Heaven, which focused on the 12th century battle between Christians and Muslims for Jerusalem.