Revelation TV 'horrified' by misuse of funds allegations

The Chairman of the Revelation Foundation, which is being investigated by the Charity Commission for misuse of funds, has hit back at the allegations.

Gordon Pettie, who also presents three programmes on Revelation TV which is run by the Foundation, says he is "horrified" by the claims.

Speaking to Christian Today, Pettie said the Charity Commission first told Revelation in May about a viewer complaint, asking for some financial information and to meet with the board of trustees.

"We offered them a number of dates and they didn't take it up, then they asked if they could look at our accounts and we said yes, they're available for inspection, and again they didn't come back and ask to look at them," he said.

"Then the first we heard from them was last Thursday [September 8] when they wrote to us and said they were starting an investigation of the Revelation Foundation. They issued a press release which absolutely horrifies us, and says they are investigating 'potential significant loss of charitable funds, trustee benefits, conflicts of interest and connected party transactions'."

Pettie said that the trustees are "amazed" at the way the Commission has handled the case so far.

"Our response was to be horrified that they have begun an investigation without telling us, and we're amazed that we supplied all the information in May and they never came back to us or asked a single question since then," he said.

Pettie maintains that the Foundation is confident of its integrity, and that the allegations made against it are unfounded.

"I wouldn't say we're worried, but we are concerned for the proclamation of the Gospel. That's what we're about – we're not in the business to make money, but to teach the Gospel and a lot of people have written in and expressed their support because they believe in our integrity," he said.

"But at the same time, one of the things we've said is that we have integrity, honesty and transparency, so the insinuation from the Charity Commission that that's not the case may cause people to worry."

He added that Revelation TV will continue to broadcast throughout the investigation. "That's what we're called to do, and as long as we have breath and the ability, we'll continue," he said.

The Charity Commission announced its inquiry last week, saying it was prompted by complaints that the Revelation Foundation is being used for "private advantage". The charity's 2013 accounts show an income of £1.7million, almost entirely amassed through viewer donations.

A statement on its website says all trustees are "committed Bible-believing Christians with a vision for proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ through television and other electronic media".

"We support the work of the Charity Commission, and consider that it is essential to ensure that charities are regulated properly. The Revelation Foundation is being administered in full compliance with the Charity Commission guidelines and we welcome the Commission inquiry," it adds.

"We are cooperating fully and all the trustees have offered to meet the Commission to assist them in every way they can."