Retina MacBook Air to launch during the Christmas holidays?

Macbook Pro with Retina Display

Word on the street is that Apple would not wait for 2015 for the release of its Retina MacBook Air. At least this is what Taiwan-based media outlet Industrial and Commercial Times is claiming, as reported by the BGR.  

It was always believed that the holdup of a mass production and a formal announcement about the integration of the Retina display in the thin and light Mac system was solely due to the delay of the Broadwell Core M chips from Intel. The Taiwan-based site reported that this problem has already been cleared up and that the chips intended to grant the MacBook Air a superior battery life and a ridiculously higher resolution are already available. Now that the issue is allegedly addressed, it is presumed that the Retina MacBook Air will be added to the long list of Apple's holiday treats for its patrons. Rumor mills on this one can be a bit mind-boggling still, so fans of Retina display can turn to other chitchat.  

Product Reviews touches on the dilemma of the 2015 device line-up Apple will launch. The article from the site weighs the possibilities of a Retina MacBook Air going on a rollout before the highly-anticipated Apple Watch. The site bets on an April to July release of the overhauled notebook, iterating that the coveted wearable will have to enjoy a successful reception by February next year before its kin puts in an appearance. Furthermore, its would-be predecessor was released during those months. Therefore, a release around that time is more likely.  

At the moment, the hub of the Mac systems is the Retina iMac unveiled two months back. The Retina MacBook Pro is also a frequent Apple device under discussion. The 13-inch and 15-inch notebook is a common entry to check in every holiday shopping list. Best Buy, Adorama and B & H Photo has cooked up good deals for Black Friday. For now, the Retina MacBook Pro is the one to get — until the Retina MacBook Air comes out of course.