Radical feminist group claims responsibility for Mexico bishops HQ bombing

A radical feminist group has claimed responsibility for the bombing of the headquarters of Mexico's Catholic Council of Bishops.

An explosive device was set off two days ago but did little damage and caused no casualties.


Bishop Ramon Castro of Cuernavaca said he believed the attack 'reflects the situation in Mexico', where three priests have been killed so far this year.

A statement signed by the 'Informal Feminist Command for Anti-Authoritarian Action' was posted on the anarchist website Contra Info claiming it carried out the attack and implying it was in retaliation for abuse carried out by Catholic priests.

It says the device was made with dynamite, LP gas and propane.

The statement adds: 'My God, I do not love you! For torture and murder in the name of your God! For every child outraged by paedophile priests!'

Feminist Command claimed responsibility last year for a bomb attack in Mexico on the Sacmag multinational. The Associated Press could not confirm the existence of the group.

Mexico's most notorious case of alleged child sex abuse committed by a Catholic priest featured Marcial Maciel, who died in 2008. He was said to have exploited his power and position to abuse boys and young men for many decades. It is even thought he abused two of his own children from relations with two women. The Vatican apologised for his crimes in 2010, saying he had lived 'a life without morals'.