Pregnant woman shot in the stomach after Facebook argument

Jacksonville police have suspect in custody.


A pregnant Florida woman is in surgery this afternoon after being shot in the stomach following a Facebook argument.

Jacksonville police say two women were arguing over social media network Facebook on April 23, when the pregnant woman decided to confront the other woman in person.

She went to the woman's home on the 9100 block of Castle Boulevard, and the two began arguing outside the front door. The fight became physical, and the pregnant woman was shot in the abdomen.

Police say the unnamed woman is in critical condition at University of Florida Health at Jacksonville. The condition of the unborn child is unknown.

The shooter is in custody, but no charges have been filed. Officials told News 4 Jax that they are investigating a possible self-defense shooting.

There have been several other incidents of social media arguments turning violent as of late.

On April 19, sixteen-year-old Jordan Means and 18-year-old Anthony were shot dead in Chicago after arguing with another boy on Facebook.

In October, a Kentucky woman shot her half-sister in the head after arguing on Facebook. Mason County Sheriff Patrick Boggs said the women were calling each other bad mothers online.

In February 2013, a man got into an argument with a group of men at Broadway Square Mall in Tyler, Texas after tweeting one of their girlfriends. 23-year old Chris Mass was shot and killed in the mall's parking lot.

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