Plight of street children inspires skydive

Patrick McDonald during his leap for Viva

The founder of Christian children's charity Viva has taken part in a skydive to raise money for street children.

Patrick McDonald founded the charity after his experience working with street children in Bolivia and was its chief executive for 16 years.

"Children grow up in a ludicrous amount of risk and danger, and I've been saddened and maddened many times by their plight," he said.

"We should all take outlandish risks and make every effort to ensure that children around us grow up to become what God intends."

McDonald's previous fundraising efforts have included backpacking through Central and South America and hitchhiking solo across Europe.

Last week, he reached new heights when he jumped from a plane at 12,000 feet over the Kent countryside.

His brave effort raised nearly £14,000 for the charity's 'Who cares?' campaign, which reflects the desperate question the charity so often hears from the vulnerable children it works with.

The money raised from the leap will go towards Viva's work with 23,000 caregivers across 21 countries to support hungry, hurting and homeless children and provide them with security and a new hope.

McDonald is still raising funds to meet his goal of £20,000 and is collecting donations online at

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