'Planetoid Pioneers' update: Space game left Early Access

Data Realms official websiteA screenshot of the cooperative sci-fi Physicsvania "Planetoid Pioneers." The space game developed and published by Data Realms left Early Access on Feb. 8.

Cooperative science-fiction space game developed and published by Data Realms, "Planetoid Pioneers," left Early Access on Feb. 8. 

According to its Steam page, "Planetoid Pioneers" is a game wherein players will take the role of an eccentric old astronaut exploring the Asteroid Belt beyond Mars. Players must survive the rocks they are stranded in by building a spaceship. To do so, players must find things to convert them to spaceship parts. Astronauts can also covert their enemies to spaceship parts with the use of a rifle. After collecting the necessary parts, players can then assemble them, following the blueprint of the spaceship.

However, there is a catch — controlling these astronauts will not be a walk in the park. Players will find it hard to control their astronaut's body as the game is reminiscent of the 2008 game "QWOP."  They have the tendency to trip over rocks, lose limbs and get their things stolen while fleeing from enemies. These kooky astronauts also have the tendency to forget they are walking into the next trap whenever they are terrified. While some may not like the controls for the game, players who are fond of comedic games will have a good time with "Planetoid Pioneers."

The standard edition for "Planetoid Pioneers" is available for purchase on Steam and Humble Store at $19.99. There is also a Contributor Edition that gives players access to the official Contributor Community Discord server — where players can collaborate and directly share content with the development team and fellow creative-minded people, chat directly with the developers, submit creations for consideration to be integrated on the official shipping game with their names appearing in the credits, have the ability to publish their works to the free Steam Workshop for anyone to rate, comment, and subscribe to and have their best Blueprints and Scenes considered for the Curated Item Workshop on Steam where players can earn money. The Contributor Edition is currently 25% off on Steam until Feb. 16.