Pentecost Festival to let London know the church is alive

The church is about to leave the building and fill London with worship, praise and celebration for the first ever Pentecost Festival to be held in the capital from
9 - 11 May 2008.

Spread across many central London boroughs, Pentecost Festival will play host to unique events and experiences organised and presented by the body of Christ. It aims to be a celebration of Jesus in the capital and demonstrate that the church is alive and visible in London.

The late Rev Rob Frost of Share Jesus International previously described the vision for the festival as being "as if the body of Christ had woken up after a long sleep, and had discovered what fun it was to be alive in God".

In summer of 2006, Frost and his son Andy shared a vision to ignite the city of London with the vibrancy of the Christian faith. Since the passing of Rob Frost in November 2007, Andy Frost has continued to pioneer this exciting venture as the new director of both Share Jesus International and Pentecost Festival.

Andy Frost says, "I'm continually astonished by the diversity of the church in London. We have everything from Christian boaters to roving polar bears to live concerts. The festival reflects the creativity of God."

As well as the free festival-feel events there are high profile events taking place over the Friday and Saturday evening. Inspirational speaker Tony Campolo will challenge audiences on social issues, while Emerging Culture will present a Comedy Superstore in Soho.

CARE is hosting a politics debate with leading Christian MPs while The Bible Society is hosting 'Luv Esther' the musical. Christian Aid's swing dance in Waterloo will profile Climate Change and Release International will highlight the persecuted church through 'His story'.

Survivor and Authentic are both holding big gig nights with bands from the UK and the States including Salvador, and The Faraday Institute and Christians in Science are lecturing on 'The Dawkins Delusion'. Open Doors and Saltmine will be profiling new Christian artists for 'Hope Academy'.

The Rt Rev Richard Chatres, Bishop of London, says, "Pentecost is a fantastic opportunity for the church to demonstrate grace through hosts of events and practical community action. It's a call for all people to explore social projects and community initiatives, as well as new expressions of worship and the tenets of faith."

The final Full Weekend Festival Programme is out now, bursting with colour and energy making it a true reflection of the entire festival. For interesting ideas and original ways to spend the weekend visit and order your complimentary programme.