Pastor Rich Wilkerson Jr offers internship to thieves who stole his car

Rich Wilkerson Jr(Photo: Instagram/Rich Wilkerson Jr )

The pastor who wed Kanye West and Kim Kardashian is offering an internship to the people who recently made off with his car. 

Rich Wilkerson Jr, who recently teamed up with West and his choir for a SuperBowl weekend Sunday Service, shared a message on Instagram on Valentine's Day in which he admitted that the experience had been a "little scary" and "invasive".

Nonetheless, the Miami pastor who leads Vous Church, said that he loved the perpetrators regardless of what they did, and was even grateful that they had left his car where it could be found. 

"If you hadn't heard, about two days ago, our car was stolen from our driveway," he told his Instagram followers.

"[It's a] little scary, felt a little invasive. But the good news is, is that they found the car now," Wilkerson said. 

"Whoever you are that took our car, we think there's about three of you, I want to let you know, we love you, we're for you and thank you for leaving it somewhere that we could find it."

He then invited the perpetrators to ditch criminality and instead come to Sunday service and do an intern at the megachurch for three months. 

Extending the invitation, the pastor said he had a "better strategy towards success" than stealing cars and going to prison. 

"We want to give you an opportunity, and the opportunity is this, I'm going to let you be an intern at Vous Church for three months," he said.

"Now listen, I will not pay you, you did steal my car. But for three months, I'm going to intern you and mentor you and I actually believe if you give us three months of your life, your life will be changed, you'll be on a much better path. I think you can take this really bad thing that happened, we could turn into a good thing."