Pastor Matt Chandler says Christians need not worry since God already knows who's the next U.S. president

The Village Church's Pastor Matt Chandler says 'local government involvement bears much fruit for the church.'(YouTube)

Pastor Matt Chandler of The Village Church in Texas does not see any reason why Christians should be worried about the upcoming U.S. presidential elections since God is in control of everything.

"The Lord's at work in this political process," Chandler said. "He's not panicked or nervous – He already knows who our next president is."

In a recent podcast with fellow pastor Josh Patterson and The Village Church staff members Kyle Worley and Anne Lincoln Holibaugh, Chandler said Christians should exhibit "faithful presence" to shape their views on politics.

He said Christians need to put their hopes in God and His kingdom rather than on the next political leader of America. If not, they will only end up disappointed, he added.

At the same time, Chandler and his team discussed the "pro-life" issue, according to The Christian Post. He explained that it is not limited to the cause of the unborn, because the pro-life issue is also related to poverty, immigration and war tactics.

Worley stressed that Christians must be careful where they get their political information for them to remain "informed and engaged" in politics with God's intention in mind.

Holibaugh said it is easy for people to be lazy and critical about things they are unwilling to act upon, so Chandler urged Christians who want to see change happen in the political arena to get involved on the local level.

"There are businessmen and women and other men and women, and I want to make the appeal that local government involvement bears much fruit for the church," said Chandler.

Patterson concluded by saying that it is essential for Christians to exhibit "prayerfulness, posture of humility, and a recognition that God is the ultimate hope" during this time.