Pastor Saeed Abedini says Orlando carnage shows need to limit Muslim immigration

Pastor Saeed Abedini, seen here with his two children, says U.S. must 'prevent future terrorist attacks, not simply respond to them.'(Facebook/Saeed Abedini)

 Pastor Saeed Abedini, who was imprisoned in Iran for more than three years basically because of his Christian faith, says last Sunday's Orlando gay bar massacre was a "horrific" event in America, and that his thoughts and prayers go to the victims, survivors, and those touched by the tragedy.

Abedini says the terror attacks that have been plaguing America must be put to a stop, and one way the U.S. can do that is through stricter Muslim immigration.

"Yesterday in my interview with BBC, I was asked about Donald Trump's speech on limitations for Muslim refugees, especially the ones from Syria that [President Barack] Obama wants to bring to the United States next year...100,000 Muslim refugees," Abedini writes on his Facebook page.

"Ted Cruz asked for U.S. police to be active in Muslim neighbourhoods. They asked if I am okay with this or not, and my answer was yes, we need to limit Muslim Immigration into the U.S.A., and we need police forces to be active in Muslim neighbourhoods. It is a serious time in America. We are ripe for a terrorist attack," he says.

Abedini dares Americans to imagine what would happen to their country even if only one percent of the refugees are actually ISIS soldiers. "We would be giving them opportunity to attack us here on our own soil," he says.

Because of his statements on television, Abedini says a lot of Iranian Muslims verbally attacked him and defended their "peaceful" religion. But just a few hours after his BBC Persia interview, the terrorist attack occurred in Pulse nightclub in Orlando. Abedini says the attack was proof he was right about tighter Muslim immigration.

"We MUST prevent future terrorist attacks, not simply respond to them. We are fighting a war against radical Islam and a hateful ideology, not a crime and as I said recently if we don't reach Muslims [with] the love of Christ, they will reach us [with] the love of their Allah which is Jihad," he warns.