Pastor Greg Laurie answers question: Do loved ones watch over us from heaven?


Pastor Greg Laurie from Harvest Christian Fellowship in California says people often think about their loved ones who have passed away, still feeling the pain of their loss. Some of these people may also wonder if their dearly departed loved ones still remember them in heaven.

Laurie tackled this matter in a message he posted on his Facebook page on Wednesday. "Are our loved ones watching us in Heaven? How much are they aware of what's going on in our lives?" the pastor asks.

"Some think that our loved ones are watching everything we do and sending us messages and such," he writes. "Others will say that people in heaven are oblivious about what's going on — that they've had a heavenly lobotomy and are sitting on clouds sleeping."

But the Bible verse Revelations 6:10 says that heavenly residents are actually aware of the injustices being experienced by people on Earth. "They are aware of the fact that time is passing. They are asking the Lord to intervene," Laurie says. "This is a good indication that in Heaven we may know more than some people think we will know."

Some Christians argue that since there is no more sorrow or tears in heaven, its residents can't possibly be aware of the tragedies and sufferings that are currently being felt by people on Earth. But Laurie begs to differ.

"If we are being watched by our loved ones in Heaven, I believe they would see everything with an eternal perspective. That is the key," he says.

The message that Laurie shared is close to his and his wife Cathe's hearts since their son Christopher died in July 2008 on his way to Harvest Church. His vehicle crashed onto the back of a Caltrans truck on the eastbound 91 Freeway. Laurie's son had been working at Harvest as the art director for three years.

Laurie often tackled the topic of afterlife following his son's death, even writing a book entitled "As It Is In Heaven."