Paradise church survives the flames after most of the town burns down

The First Baptist Church of Paradist, California, managed to survive the devastating fire that has destroyed much of the town(Photo: Facebook)

A church in Paradise, northern California, is still standing after most of the town was devastated by the horrific Camp Fire.

The fire - the most destructive in the state's history - has killed at least 48 people and burned down 8,800 structures.

Harrowing video footage showed desperate residents praying to God to keep them safe as they tried to escape the flames.

In Paradise, where ABCNews reports that 'most of the community [is] gone', the First Baptist Church is miraculously still standing.

A picture taken on Sunday morning and posted to its Facebook page shows the church building intact as a cloud of smoke hovers nearby.

The church has been using Facebook to help locate people and confirm their wellbeing.

Another church close to First Baptist, Paradise Alliance Church, is also using Facebook to connect members of the congregation, who like most of the town have evacuated the area.

Lead Pastor Josh Gallagher said he was praying that God would use the church to bring revival after the devastation.

'God, give us Your comfort and allow us to grieve well,' he prayed in a recent Facebook Live.