Palestinian Muslims Protest Against Bible Society Bombing in Gaza

|PIC1|Palestinian Muslims demonstrated in support of Bible Society outside the organisation's building in Gaza which was bombed last month.

The bombing was the second violent attack to have taken place following a series of threats on staff members. The bombing left considerable damage to equipment, furniture, and the organisation's stock of books and Bibles.

"The people who came represent only a small number of Palestinians served by our community-based programmes in Gaza ," said Mr Labib Madanat, the Executive Secretary of the Palestinian Bible Society.

"There are people who do not wish to have the Bible Society in Gaza ," he continued, "but they are outnumbered by people who welcome it. We are staying here and increasing our service to the people of Gaza."

Four days after the explosion, more than two hundred men and women from the Gaza Strip expressed their support for the work of the Palestinian Bible Society in their community.

Ms Suhad Massad, one of the directors of the Palestinian Bible Society who heads operations in the Gaza Strip said, "It was very moving and for us to see such encouragement from our people. We need prayers and support to continue to meet our responsibilities to them."

|PIC2|Bible Society is inviting Christians to stand shoulder to shoulder with the Palestinian Bible Society to make the Bible's message available to the people of Gaza and Palestine in such turbulent times. In addition to restoring physical damage, the project will also strengthen the Bible Society's ministry in Gaza in the longer term, according to Mr Madanat.

The organisation has now expressed its hope to raise funds for the Palestinian Bible Society's broader ministry in Gaza, which includes feeding needy children and rebuilding damaged homes.

Bible Society is a Christian charity that exists to "make the Bible heard throughout the world". The majority of its work is overseas to make the Bible available and affordable in languages and formats people can use and understand. In England and Wales, the Bible Society works to build bridges between the Bible and people's everyday lives, as well as to rebuild confidence in its message.