Over 100 million dream of life in US

Have you ever thought about packing up and heading off in search of the "American dream"? If so, you wouldn't be alone. In fact, there are 138 million people around the world today aspiring to live in the US permanently - around 3% of the global population.

According to the latest Gallup poll, the US is the top choice for potential migrants,. This is followed by the UK (42 million), Canada (37 million) and France (31 million).

Most of those wanting to move to the US permanently come from China (19 million), followed by Nigeria (13 million) and India (10 million).

The nations least likely to desire to move to the US are Iran and Pakistan, although Pakistanis ranked Saudi Arabia and the UK as their top choices. Iranians would prefer to move to Jordan or Lebanon.

In total, around 13% of the world's adults - or roughly 630 million people - want to leave their country and move to somewhere else permanently.

Gallup said in its report: "The US remains the most popular destination in the world for potential migrants. This is likely because of economic opportunities in the country and the established networks of potential migrants.

"In addition, the US again tied with Germany in 2012 as the country with the highest leadership approval ratings in the world, but when it comes to a desired place to live permanently, no other country compares with the US."