Over 1,000 Muslims in Mideast, Africa and Asia Await Baptism as They Are Set to Begin New Lives as Followers of Christ


More than a thousand Muslims are set to begin new lives as followers of Jesus Christ as they await their formal baptism in about a dozen Muslim-majority countries.

The report comes from Bibles for Mideast, an umbrella group of underground ministries that distribute Bibles free of cost and establish house churches in the Middle East and some other countries in Asia and Africa.

The group said its gospel teams and pastors are now fasting and praying along with the new believers for the success of its mission to conduct baptism services in a "few days" in various countries.

It said the baptismal rites will proceed despite the ever-present threats posed by Islamist extremists and security forces in predominantly Muslim countries where baptism and conversion to Christianity is banned.

Early this month, Bibles for Mideast reported that it had baptised 24 former Muslims in the Arabian Sea.

Islamist militants got word of the supposedly secret event and tried to attack the Christian baptisers and new believers. However, the group said God intervened, creating a giant dust storm that barred the armed militants from getting close to the Christian missionaries and the new converts.

A new baptiser named Rizwan recalled the miraculous event. He said after the baptism service and prayers, they all boarded the bus to take them back to their house church for the worship service. Suddenly, they saw armed men in more than three vehicles pursuing them and firing their guns.

He said all they could do was to pray for the Lord to protect them.

Their prayers were immediately answered when a giant dust storm formed behind them, obstructing the view of the gunmen and preventing them from shooting at the bus.

"Jesus saved us. He Himself blocked the road ... in the form of a dust storm" that prevented the militants from attacking and killing them, Rizwan said.

Bibles for Mideast said the baptisers and new believers also claimed to have seen Jesus Christ walking in the water in Arabian Sea on the morning on Oct. 2.

It said these miraculous events further encouraged the new believers and strengthened their faith.

Bibles for Mideast is requesting prayers from Christians worldwide to help them succeed in their mission of spreading God's Word and leading more people to Christ.