Obama's exchange with a heckler: 'I believe in God, thanks for the prayer'

The President was giving a speech in Kansas City, Missouri.


President Obama was heckled while giving a speech in Kansas City, Missouri on Wednesday, and ended up affirming his faith.

A female heckler yelled out, "Jesus is the Lord of Israel," and the President chose to respond to her outburst.

The woman, yelling from a balcony, was asked to repeat herself by President Obama.

"What are you hollering about?" he asked, according to CBS.

When she repeated "Jesus is the Lord of Israel," he decided to respond to her.

"I believe in God. Thanks for the prayer. Amen. Thank you," he said.

The audience erupted in cheers and applause for him, and began chanting, "We love you! We love you!"

The President then continued his speech.

The Associated Press reported that the woman was escorted from the event. 

Obama was discussing the conflicts between himself and Congress in front of a crowd of about 1,500 people.

"Stop being mad all the time," he said, referring to Republican legislators. "Stop just hating all the time. Come on.

"I know they're not that happy that I'm president.

"I've only got a couple of years left. Come on, let's get some work done. Then you can be mad at the next president."

Later that day, the House approved a resolution for Speaker John Boehner to sue the President. Boehner announced his intention to sue last month.

"My view is the president has not faithfully executed the laws," he said in a press conference.

"What we have seen clearly over the last five years is an effort to erode the power of the Legislative Branch."

In a memo sent to House Republicans in June, Boehner voiced concerns that the President's decisions in the areas of education, energy, foreign policy, and healthcare have been made with "king-like authority," and feared a shift in the "balance of power decisively and dangerously" towards the White House.

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest called the proposed litigation a "taxpayer-funded lawsuit against the President of the United States for doing his job."

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