'No Man's Sky' news: Hello Games to release 'Atlas Rises' major game update

Facebook/NoMansSkyScreenshot of one of the planets of "No Man's Sky."

Game developer Hello Games has announced that a major update for "No Man's Sky" will be coming to both the PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows PC.

The update, titled "Atlas Rises," was announced on Aug. 9 as a quiet form of heads-up to remind their players that they have been paying attention to their feedback. Hello Games promised that the update will be released within the week and that it will further improve the game's storyline.

Additionally, they claimed to add portals which would provide players with the ability to travel quickly to the different points of the game's vast locations.

In the announcement, they also thanked their fans for participating in their "Waking Titan" alternate reality game project. Hello Games used "Waking Titan" to have an idea on how many concurrent players they have, and surmised that they have more than enough reason to keep working on "No Man's Sky," since these two games are meant to be connected.

It can be inferred from their announcement that they have enough motivation to keep improving the game after receiving negative reviews upon its release. While those who have played the game admired its ambition and unique space exploration concept, they found that it was also lacking in many ways.

"No Man's Sky" initially promised to be a game of large scope with 18 quintillion explorable planets. However, fans were largely disappointed by the lack of intuitive gameplay and oversimplification of the crafting system.

Despite the implementation of uniquely varied planets, the visual aspect of the game was also lacking with frame rates dropping down to 30 frames per second (fps) even if the graphics were not as detailed as other contemporary games.

Fans are undoubtedly banking on the "Atlas Rises" update to address most of these concerns, which could perhaps help the developers regain the trust of lost players — while attracting newcomers as well.