Nicki Minaj plays Beyoncé as Mary opposite Justin Bieber Joseph in Saturday Night Live nativity

Cover art for Nicki Minaj's single "Only"Nicki Minaj/Twitter

Nicki Minaj channelled her best Beyoncé impression as she played Mary in an unconventional take on the Nativity in a sketch for Saturday Night Live this weekend.

The sketch, entitled "Jingle Ballerz" was a spoof of an MTV holiday special featuring famous musicians performing scenes from the nativity.

The part of Joseph, played by Justin Bieber, was impersonated by Kate McKinnon. Together with Minaj's Beyoncé, she performed a somewhat reworked version of the story of Jesus' birth in hip-hop, incorporating the titles of famous Beyoncé songs.

Wearing a very revealing costume, Minaj said/sang: "No, no, no. This moment is not about me. Let everybody have their moment. This moment is about my baby boy. Behold, 'he woke up like this'. 'Flawless'. One day, he'll turn water into wine and we'll all be 'Drunk in Love'."

The other stars who came out to play included Rhianna, impersonated by Sasheer Zamata, taking the role of the narrator and the shining star. The three wise men were played by Taran Killam, impersonating Eminem, actor James Franco, playing Riff Raff, and comedian Kenan Thompson, impersonating Rick Ross.

Minaj appeared as the musical guest for the show, performing her new songs 'Bed of Lies', 'All Things Go' and 'Only'.