Nick Vujicic shares family's excitement in awaiting arrival of second son Dejan Levi

Nick Vujicic and his pregnant wife Kanae pose by the beach in this photo he posted on his Facebook page.(Facebook/Nick Vujicic)

Limbless evangelist Nick Vujicic, 32, has just shared gorgeous photos of his family as he and her wife Kanae excitedly await the arrival of their second son, already named Dejan Levi.

He, his wife and firstborn son Kiyoshi James had a photo shoot by the beach and Vujicic decided to share some of the photos on his Facebook page. He wrote: "Sharing with you the joy of our family in the excitement and anticipation of Dejan's arrival. Thanks to our photographer Nicoletta Daskalakis we got some pretty awesome shots. Hope you enjoy these photos. Thanks for keeping us in your prayers."

The post has already received over two million likes, with people from all over the world feeling inspired by the love the Vujicic family clearly has for each other. Natalie Plahkova from Ukraine wrote, "Nick, you have beautiful family! When I look at you and your beautiful wife my heart is smiling. I feel how strong and sincere your connection is! It makes me personally stronger in so many ways. God makes amazing things through your ministry!"

British DJ Jay Deep commented that the Vujicics are "one of my favourite families on this earth," while Mimmosai Rai from Nepal praised the "beautifull family" and said, "Thanks for all your inspiration and (for) sharing with us your family picture."

Vujicic, who was born with no limbs, has come a long way since his troubled childhood. He is an Australian Christian who was born with tetra-amelia syndrome, a rare disorder that leaves a person limbless. Because of this, Vujicic grew up different from his peers. His condition made him feel so miserable that he even contemplated suicide when he was eight years old.

However, his deep-rooted faith in God helped Vujicic turn his disability into a blessing and he formed the non-profit organisation Life Without Limbs when he was only 17 years old. Now, he works as a motivational speaker and goes around the world to serve as a living testament of God's love and grace.