Nexus 6 release date, specs, features: Will Google's next device be a Lenovo/Motorola creation?

Nexus 5 was only released in November but it already feels like old news and we're all waiting for the next big release, the Nexus 6.

The Nexus 4 and Nexus 5 have gone down well as great value-for-money devices, with prices starting at £300, much lower than the likes of the iPhone, despite still packing in some powerful specs.

If they follow this trend, then we can expect a similar wallet-sparing Nexus 6.

Not much is known about the next Nexus device, but the rumors so far are that it will come with a 4K display panel stretching a comfortable 5.3 inches. 

Other rumors point to an 18MP camera on the rear and a 4 MP camera to the front, finger scanners and a sleek metallic body.

It's expected to be powered by a 64-bit quadcore Snapdragon CPU. came up with this concept for the next Nexus smartphone and how nice it would be if the real thing is like this. 


LG, the company that made the Google Nexus 5, has confirmed it will soon be releasing the LG G Pro 2 and there's speculation that this will become the basis for the Nexus 6.

It will be interesting to see what, if any, impact Google's sale of Motorola Mobility to Lenovo will have on the next Nexus.

Russian mobile blogger Eldar Murtazin (@eldarmurtazin) tweeted on Thursday morning that Lenovo will be focusing the device on the US.

"Lenovo will launch one of the last Nexus product :) volume will be huge and it will be focused on US market," the tweet read.

It's not clear whether the device he was talking about was the Nexus 6 or a Nexus tablet, but he also speculated that Google may shift to "Play Edition" devices from 2014. If it were the next Nexus 6, would it come with it have the Lenovo or Motorola logo on the body?

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