Newsboys lead singer Michael Tait moved to tears when homeless choir sings 'We Believe' for the band

Christian rock band Newsboys has been making using their gift of music to spread God's word for years now, but when their song was performed by a group of homeless men the band's frontman Michael Tait was moved to tears.

In the video posted by Meant 2 Live Foundation, the Newsboys lead vocalist and bandmate Duncan Phillips are welcomed to a concert venue by a homeless choir singing their song "We Believe."

The homeless choir was part of the Helping Up Mission that was treated to a VIP experience at the Splendor concert where the Newsboys were performing and it wasn't long before Phillips started welling up.

The song speaks of keeping faith in God when we are going through our worst challenges and features the lyrics: "In this time of desperation/When all we know is doubt and fear/ There is only one foundation/ We believe, we believe/ In this broken generation/ When all is dark, You help us see/There is only one salvation/We believe, we believe." 

The performance took on a different meaning when Tait addressed the choir members after their performance and shared his own story with them. One of the singers acknowledged that before they became part of the programme, they didn't have faith.

"We didn't believe man, we were throwing lives and God loved us," the man said.

Tait encouraged him to continue on the right path and praised the group for their beautiful performance.

The choir was later treated to a hearty meal and tickets to watch the band perform live to a sell-out crowd.