New Pope Francis photo journal

This lavishly illustrated, carefully researched book chronicles the historic resignation of Pope Benedict XVI and election of the Argentine Jesuit Jorge Mario Bergogolio as Pope Francis.

Combining the expertise of Vatican Radio editor Stefan von Kempis and Catholic World News editor Philip Lawler,

This outstanding photo journal features more than 150 full color pictures, and tells the inspiring story of Pope Francis - who for a Pope, has had an unusual life story. He loves the tango and was trained as a chemist.

In his youth he had a regular girlfriend whom he planned to marry - the book features an interview with his one-time beloved.

Drawing from conversations, interviews, inside information, and the Pope's own writings and talks, "A Call to Serve" offers first-hand information, moving reflections, and profound insights into the life of Jorge Bergoglio, the fascinating papal election, the challenges ahead, and the heart of Pope Francis.

"Want to to know the inside story of the of the recent abdication by one Pope and the election of a startling new one - complete with colorful photos and analysis by the noted journalist Philip Lawler? Well, here it is," says Fr C. J. McCloskey, Church historian and Research Fellow at the Faith and Reason Institute.

Source: Christian Newswire