New Jersey woman admits to tossing neighbor's Shih Tzu into traffic over parking dispute

Haniyyah Barnes faces six years in prison.

Honey BeyEssex County Prosecutor's Office

A New Jersey woman is facing up to six years in prison for breaking into her neighbor's home, grabbing a dog, and throwing it into the street in 2011. The dog was killed by an oncoming vehicle.

27-year old Haniyyah Barnes of Newark pled guilty Tuesday to burglary, theft, and animal cruelty charges in Essex County court.

Prosecutors recommend Barnes also pay up to $2,600 in restitution, and be banned from buying, owning, or living with animals for ten years after her prison release. Barnes will also have to undergo drug and alcohol counseling and anger management classes.

Authorities say that Barnes, who lived two houses away from the dog owner on Fabyan Place, was allowed to use her neighbor's driveway. On August 26, 2011, Barnes became upset when the neighbor's car was blocking her relative's car in.

Barnes kicked open the neighbor's front door, and confronted her about the parking space dispute.


According to prosecutors, two-year old Shih Tzu, Honey Bey, ran towards Barnes, barking, and was picked up by the neck.

The neighbor followed Barnes outside, begging for Honey Bey not to be harmed, but Barnes carried the dog toward the street.

Haniyyah BarnesEssex County Prosecutor's Office

A Newark police officer witnessed Honey Bey being tossed into traffic. Barnes was immediately arrested, and will be sentenced on July 14.

Essex County Assistant Prosecutor Michele Miller said that she deserves the sentence that will be handed to her.

"It was a horrific crime and I think the punishment reflects that," Miller told The Star-Ledger.

"She broke into someone's home and killed their dog and they watched it happen. Not too many things are more disturbing than that."

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