New Disney Channel cartoon branded 'evil' and 'demonic'

Luz (L) and Eda (R) are characters in the Disney Channel cartoon series "The Owl House."Disney Channel

Conservative Christian group One Million Moms has issued a warning to parents that Disney's new animated series "The Owl House" is "evil" and "demonic".

The group has heavily criticised Disney Television Animation's new cartoon series, saying it portrays witchcraft in a positive light.  More than 16,000 people have signed a One Million Moms petition demanding that The Disney Channel cancel "The Owl House", which premiered in the U.S. in January.

The new series follows a teenage girl named Luz, who discovers a portal to a demon realm and battles the forces of evil.

On her journey, Luz befriends a witch named Eda and a tiny warrior named King.  Even though Luz does not have magical powers, Luz becomes Eda's apprentice as she pursues a dream of becoming a witch.

The series is produced by Dana Terrace, who has worked on the shows "Gravity Falls" and "Duck Tales."

The new series has already been renewed for a second season.

One Million Moms has accused Disney of introducing children to "to a world of demons" while inundating their minds with "secular worldviews that reflect the current culture."

The One Million Moms campaign webpage reads: "The show makes light of Hell and the dangers of the demonic realm.  Even the previews and commercials include such content that makes it difficult for families who watch Disney Channel to avoid the evil content completely."

The series is rated as appropriate for ages 7 and up even though it contains "fantasy violence."

One Million Moms has said: "The first episode is more than enough for most Christian families to realize that 'The Owl House' ... is not a cute, funny show.  [R]ather [it is] an extremely dangerous one."

Deborah Bunting, an op-ed contributor for the Christian Broadcasting Network, has written that "The Owl House" is "so beyond Cinderella it's not even funny."

She says, "The show tries to portray witchcraft as a positive tool to fight evil. That's similar to what real-life witches have been promoting over the past few years as they've been putting hexes on President Trump and others in order to fight for their beliefs."

One Million Moms highlights that the Bible states clearly in Isaiah 8:19-22 that "there is a spiritual realm that is not of God."

"It warns us not to participate in witchcraft or consult with mediums but to call on God," the One Million Moms petition states. "Deuteronomy 18:10-11 also warns us to avoid witchcraft in all forms."

In 2017, One Million Moms launched a petition opposing a Disney XD series that showed several gay characters kissing. That petition was supported by 64,000 people.

Last year, One Million Moms called for a boycott of "Toy Story 4," stating that Disney "blindsided" families by subtly including LGBT characters and undertones in the film.

The organisation said the inclusion of lesbian moms in the movie was Disney's attempt to "normalize" the LGBT lifestyle.

The One Million Moms campaign stated: "'Toy Story 4' is the last place parents would expect their children to be confronted with content regarding sexual orientation.  Issues of this nature are being introduced too early and too soon. It is extremely common yet unnecessary."

One Million Moms' "Toy Story 4" petition was backed by over 15,000 signatures.