Android L update: New developer preview improves user interface

The new Android L developer preview improved its user interface

According to Android Headlines, the Android team of Google presented its new design language at the company's I/O Developers' Conference last month. The said design language is called Material Design, which boasts a flat interface.

The Chrome team has moved to Material design, at least with the Chrome Beta version on Android, which is now available and can be downloaded from the Play Store.

Aside from the Material Design update, the changelog includes simplified sign-in as well as lots of bug fixes and performance improvements.

Meanwhile, although the Android L Developer Preview was meant for developers to make and improve their apps to ensure that it will run smoothly in the new OS, some people have already downloaded the OS and installed it on their devices. These users found the mobile software stable as there are some bugs in the current build.

The Android L preview build can also be installed in a couple of different devices. The firmware is meant for developers as it is still plagued with bugs that may break your device. Just like with the Apple's iOS, developers were given a preview to work on their apps to ensure that it will work perfectly on the new OS. The developers' preview gave the users a glimpse of what Android L looks like.

According to reports, Android L is the biggest Android version in history packed with over 5,000 new APIs. However, this is not finalized yet and more could be revealed in the final build. Earlier predictions stated that Android L will be released with Nexus 6 and/or Nexus 8.

Android-based smartphones users cannot wait for the imminent release of the OS this fall. It is rumored that the operating system will be coupled with different devices. Last year, Google released the Android 4.4 KitKat on November 22. This year, the new OS is expected to roll out Over-The-Air in the October to November timeframe.