Natalie Grant talks motherhood: being a little selfish makes me a better mum

Natalie Grant's album "Hurricane" where she shares her struggles with post-partum depression.

People often associate selfishness with negativity, but this should not be the case, says contemporary Christian singer Natalie Grant.

The musician even said that people need a little bit of selfishness in their lives in order to become better individuals, and in her case, a better mother.

"A lot of mothers forsake themselves for their children and they think that's honourable. But I've reconciled that being a little bit selfish makes me a better mum," she told Yahoo! Parenting. "When I invest in myself, I'm a better human being."

Grant is a mother to three daughters - Grace Ana, Isabella Noelle, and Sadie Rose - with her Canadian producer husband, Bernie Herms. She suffered from post-partum depression after her daughters were born, and it was only when she translated her feelings and struggles through the 2013 song "Hurricane" that she was finally able to let it go.

"A lot of times you feel like you can't talk about it – how can you say out loud that you weren't prepared or that you don't want to hold the baby? It makes you feel like a despicable human being, and women suffer privately because we're so ashamed to say it out loud. Being honest about it was the start of recovery for me," she said.

Now, she happily juggles motherhood with her career and she is telling working mothers that being busy with work is not an excuse not to care for one's children. 

"We all look at our busy lives and think the busyness happened to us. It didn't. We chose it," she said. "We have to remember that we choose our priorities."

People might not choose well everyday, but hopefully people can learn from their mistakes, she said. As for her, she makes a conscious decision everyday that her relationships with her husband and children will not suffer because of her work.