Final words of murdered pastor to wife: 'I'm going out to evangelise'

Korean Pastors Mission Association

The missionary pastor who was brutally murdered in Europe earlier this month has been called a martyr by Korea Pastors Mission Association (KPMA). KPMA also called for prayers for his bereaved family, which includes a 4-year-old son, and a wife who reportedly gave birth to their second child just days following the horrific killing.

Following the heartbreaking news of Pastor Jinwook Kim's murder, KPMA issued a statement mourning what they described as his martyrdom in a violent attack in Turkey on the 19th November.

Pastor Jinwook Kim, 41, had moved to the region with his family after hearing of the suffering of Syrian refugees who had been forced to flee the devastation of war by crossing the border into Turkey.

Kim established his ministry in eastern Turkey in the hope of serving some of the most vulnerable and in need people in the world. In the last year, he had moved to Diyarbakir to help the refugees there and preach the gospel.

The statement by KPMA read: "On the 19th, Pastor Jinwook Kim told his heavily pregnant wife that he will 'go out to evangelise.' That had become his last path. After he was attacked, he was transported to a nearby hospital, but unfortunately he was called by God the next day. A funeral was held in Turkey on the 21st with hundreds of mourning Christian officials."

KPMA stated: "From the days of the early church, the church history has been a history of martyrdom. Seeds sown in the blood of martyrdom sprouted and bore fruit. Incredible spiritual revival will occur in the blood of martyrdom shed by Missionary Jinwook Kim in Korea and Turkey.

"Pray for the comfort and peace of God to bereaved families in sorrow and suffering."

KPMA also stated that the ministry will continue in the Turkish region where the blood of holy martyrdom was shed and for the Kurdish refugees Kim had cared for. The organisation called for the Turkish government to investigate the case in accordance with due process of law and ensure fair results.