Mother-of-four changes her mind about abortion only to find Jesus and get married a few days later

A pro-life supporter holds up a sign during a rally in New York.Reuters

A mother of four from North Carolina who decided not to have an abortion has accepted Jesus Christ in her life and got married to the father of her children all in a single week, a pro-life group has said.

Vicky Kaseorg of the North Carolina-based Cities4Life shared the story of the bride, identified only as "J," in a blog post on Friday, which has since been picked up by a number of pro-life news outlets.

The Cities4Life team member, part of a group that protests and prays outside abortion clinics in the state and offers expectant mothers an alternative choice to abortion, noted in her blog that only the "miracles of God" and the intervention of "loving Christians" could have made such an improbable story possible.

"The bride, J, was a brave woman who thought she had to abort her baby since her situation was so difficult. Honestly, she faced some of the most difficult circumstances anyone could face with a new baby on the way," Kaseorg explained.

After a conversation with a Citie4Life team member last week, however, the mother decided not to about her baby.

"She chose life for her baby, then chose to ask Jesus to be Lord of her life, was convicted of the need to obey God in all things, told her boyfriend, who said, 'Then let's get married now,'" Kaseorg said.

"J and her boyfriend have been together for 11 years. They have four living children together, with one in Heaven. They always talked about getting married, but just never got around to it. But now, with a life newly dedicated to God, the urgency of marriage had reached a boiling point," she added.

After working out some scheduling issues, J and her boyfriend decided to get married right away, and with the help of the Cities4Life team, the marriage license, wedding dress, rings and other details were successfully organized, with the couple getting married in a ceremony on Thursday.

"Another Cities4Life donor paid for a room at a swanky hotel downtown for the wedding night. This is a hard working couple, but circumstances beyond their control had landed them in rough waters. A fancy hotel and a garden wedding were not in their wildest dreams. Survival edged those thoughts out," Kaseorg described.

Cities4Life Charlotte has been backed by some notable Christian voices, such as David and Jason Benham, two authors, speakers and entrepreneurs, who in 2014 saw their HGTV reality TV series, "Flip it Forward," canceled because of their conservative views on abortion and gay marriage.

The Benham brothers have marched on the streets with the pro-life group, urging residents to choose life instead of abortion.