Militants repenting and converting in northern Nigeria

(Photo: mllepetite)

Christians in northern Nigeria are working with children and former insurgents who have left violent militia groups.

Boko Haram and other insurgents have been carrying out violent and deadly attacks across northern Nigeria for several years, killing thousands.

Partners of Christian Aid Mission are supporting former insurgents and providing aid to streams of people coming into a refugee camp set up to protect them.

Bringing aid has its own challenges, with military blocks stationed along roads.  The military blocks have also come under deadly attack from insurgents.

In a report to Christian Aid Mission earlier this month, the leader of one ministry working in the region said they had not been able to visit the refugee camp for two weeks.

"The military would not guarantee our safety," the ministry leader said.

"We are playing it safe now. We have been able to repatriate some people, including children and ex-insurgents who left the rebel group and repented of their crimes.

"We have been training and feeding them at two of our stations – the School of Missions and our convert care centre. Thank you for your support. To handle these crises is no small work."

At one refugee camp sheltering 300,000 people, the ministry is providing people with food and medicine, and distributing audio Bibles to Muslims.

One field staffer told of a convert who had previously championed attacks on two villages.

"He cries now when he remembers killing innocent people. I am personally working with him to help him overcome the trauma.

"He stays with one of our mission friends who takes care of him."

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