Miliband urges Christians to engage with politics

Labour leader Ed Miliband has released a video thanking churches and Christian agencies for their efforts in social justice, and emphasising the importance of Christians being involved in politics.

"You do incredibly important work here at home: helping people who go to food banks, helping the homeless and helping all those at risk of disadvantage and those who are vulnerable in our communities," he says in the video.

He also commends the action Christians undertake in different countries across the globe "for development, against climate change, on all the important issues that matter".

The video encourages Christians to engage with politics and Miliband spoke of his support for Christians on the Left - formerly the Christian Socialist Movement - which works in partnership with the Labour Party to put Christian values and ideas around social justice into political action.

The society, which counts forty MPs among its members, believes that to make lasting change, Christians must be a real voice from within the political world, not just outside of it.

"We do not have an option to opt out," the website says."For too long as believers we have been shouting from the sidelines rather than getting on the pitch".

Miliband said he was "very proud" of the organisation, and called on Christians to "get involved with them as part of that fight for social justice".

"Thank you for the work you do, and please help us to change our country," he finishes.

Director of Christians on the Left, Andy Flannagan, called Miliband's statement "a significant moment" for the organisation.

"It's an unequivocal message of support from Ed Miliband for the work Christians do...It is also an endorsement by the Labour leader for Christians on the Left," he notes.

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