'Midnight, Texas' episode 4 release date, spoilers: Ancient succubus terrorizes town; Bobo faces angry biker gang

Facebook/NBCMidnightTexasA promotional image for NBC's "Midnight Texas."

The townsfolk in Midnight, Texas will face a new monstrous threat that preys on men in the next episode of the supernatural drama. Meanwhile, bikers will return to rough up Bobo Winthrop (Dylan Bruce).

In the upcoming episode titled "Sexy Beast," psychic Manfred Bernardo (Francois Arnaud) and the townspeople of Midnight, Texas will encounter a succubus, an evil female being that seduces men in order to suck the life force from them.

The trailer for episode 4 shows the succubus Gina (Taylor Black) seducing a man at a truck stop then luring him inside a bathroom. They start to get intimate but the monster soon reveals her deadly fangs for the kill.

In one scene, Manfred, the vampire Lemuel Bridger (Peter Mensah), Creek (Sarah Ramos) and the others hold a meeting to discuss how they are going to get rid of the ancient threat.

However, in another scene, Manfred appears to be taking matters into his own hands and confronts the succubus with just a baseball bat. Viewers will have to wait and see in the next episode if Manfred is able to subdue to the monster.

Meanwhile, in the new installment, Bobo will face a group of dangerous bikers who are all likely from the gang Sons of Lucifer. Bobo has a bad history with them because he was engaged to someone who was already married to a member of the gang.

In the first episode, two bikers crashed Bobo's store and threatened to kill him. However, Lem and Olivia (Arielle Kebbel) came just in time to save him. It appears the Sons haven't forgotten their beef with Bobo and will seek revenge in the next chapter.

Also, Olivia will discover a link to her father. This will give viewers an opportunity to get to know her backstory and if she has any special powers or abilities like the other Midnight residents.

"Midnight, Texas" episode 4 will premiere this Monday, Aug. 14 at 10 p.m. EDT on NBC.