Microsoft RT tablets: Production of Nokia Lumia 2520 to cease

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Microsoft might have done a few things wrong during its decades of existence as a software company, and those decisions have ended up costing the firm a lot in terms of capital. Now, being the sole producer of Windows RT tablets, it has decided to pull the plug off the product. While the corportation continues to thrive with its Surface Pro lineup of tablets, it looks like Microsoft wants to forget about the abysmal saga that cost the company $900 million

The Surface 2 was released way back in 2013, and now, it will take up a spot as one of the company's discontinued products. Previously, tech firms such as Lenovo, Dell, Samsung and Asus rolled out tablets sporting Microsoft's Windows RT platform, but due to lack of sales, lack of interest from consumers, and better and more affordable alternatives, the RT lineup was considered an egregious failure. 

The only tablet that is currently in existence that belongs to the Windows RT lineup of tablets is the Nokia Lumia 2520. Even though Microsoft is adamant about the discontinuation of Surface RT tablets, consumers who are still interested might still get their hands on this product at Microsoft retail stores and online shops, if they are quick enough. 

On the other hand, the current Surface Pro lineup has been doing well, able to bring $1.1 billion USD in the second quarter of fiscal 2015. From a performance standpoint, the company's flagship slate, the Surface Pro 3, is able to race past others tablets since Microsoft's offerings make use of Intel's "Core I" series of processors. 

Microsoft upcoming Surface Pro 4 along with a list of tablets that are expected to feature powerful octa-core processors will no doubt be sporting the Windows 10 operating system.