Microsoft HoloLens Release Date, Price, Specs and Features News: Under $500 and Out in September 2015, Rumors Claim

Microsoft HoloLens(Microsoft)

Microsoft HoloLens could have a release date as early as September 2015, according to new reports and rumors out this week. Microsoft revealed that HoloLens was under development just in January, and it seems that the company is fast-tracking the device for launch as soon as possible.

If the rumors hold up as true, it will signify a lightning launch for HoloLens, and that will no doubt please fans who took notice when it was announced earlier this year.

According to some reports, HoloLens is actually already at a very advanced stage of development, and it could even be launched earlier, but is being held back for the development of apps to complement the launch and engage users more successfully upon release.

HoloLens has been coordinating things closely with the Xbox for the build and development of games for the new device, as they clearly want the device to receive rave reviews when it is first launched.

Regarding the rumored release date, the Windows 10 team has expressed strong confidence that the device will be released alongside the upcoming Windows 10, which of course should be out around September 2015.

Many fans took notice of the Microsoft HoloLens due to its potentially nifty look and the futuristic design of the rumored head gear, which is entirely wireless. The head set should be able to combine virtual and real worlds, allowing the pinning of "holograms in your physical environment and provides a new way to see your world."

The Microsoft official website has described: "Microsoft HoloLens is the first holographic computer running Windows 10. It is completely untethered --- no wires, phones, or connection to a PC needed. Microsoft HoloLens allows you to pin holograms in your physical environment and provides a new way to see your world. It features see-through, holographic, high-definition lenses and spatial sound so you can see and hear holograms in the world around you. Complete with advanced sensors and a new Holographic Processing Unit (HPU) that understands the world around you, Microsoft HoloLens is able to run without any wires while processing terabytes of data from the sensors in real-time."

According to reports, the HoloLens will feature a massive three processors, and the HPU (Holographic Processing Unit) will be the stand out feature as it will implement the holograms in the head gear and the world's first holographic processing unit.

Although the release date and price and other details have not been officially confirmed yet, some sites are touting that the Microsoft HoloLens will cost less than $500, which in comparison to other new tech devices out, such as the Apple Watch, seems an extremely reasonable price. However, whether those pricing rumors turn out to be true remains to be seen.