Michele Bachmann says Rapture is near, and suggests Obama has something to do with it

Former Minnesota Congresswoman Michele BachmannPhoto: Reuters

Former Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann has claimed that the Rapture is soon coming, and she pins the blame on US President Barack Obama.

The Rapture is an event in Christian tradition in which believers will be taken up to heaven, while non-believers will remain to suffer tribulations. It is believed to take place before or simultaneously with the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

According to the Huffington Post, Bachmann told "End Times" host Jan Markell that Obama's negotiations with Iran as well as his stance on same-sex marriages are all factors that will bring about the apocalyptic event within the near future.

The United States and five other nations are currently locked in negotiations with the Islamic republic in an attempt to prevent it from producing nuclear weapons.

In her "End Times" interview, Bachmann accused Obama of wanting Iran to become a nuclear power.

"We are literally watching, month by month, the speed move up to a level we've never seen before with these events," Bachmann told Markell.

"Barack Obama is intent. It is his number one goal to ensure that Iran has a nuclear weapon," she claimed.

"If you look at the president's rhetoric, and if you look at his actions, everything he has done has been to cut the legs out of Israel and lift up the agenda of radical Islam," she said.

Bachmann added that the US' problems are a result of embracing a "pagan view" regarding abortions and gay marriage.

"Those who push (God) away are cursed...We will suffer the consequences as a result," she warned.

Bachmann told Markell that time is running out.

"We need to realise how close this clock is getting to the midnight hour. We in our lifetimes potentially could see Jesus Christ returning to earth and the rapture of the church," she stressed.

Many pastors have tried to predict the coming of the Rapture. In 2011, the late radio evangelist Harold Camping predicted the Rapture to be on May 21 of that year and, after the prediction proved inaccurate, on October 21.

Camping had earlier incorrectly predicted that the Rapture would occur on September 6, 1994.