Message to the Masses

Contributors to the site include Share Jesus International's Andy Frost

A new video-based website has been launched to help young people understand their faith and support them in defending it.

Message to the Masses went live this month and features videos of Christians answering some of the big questions about the Christian faith, like who Jesus is, whether it is stupid to believe there is a God, and whether faith is just a crutch.

The two-minute videos cover a range of topics, from sin and the Holy Spirit, to prayer, worship and evangelism.

The site is inviting youth groups to get involved by having the Message to the Masses film crew come to where they are and film them tackling some of the difficult questions.

In addition to thinking through their faith, they will have the chance to learn how to present themselves to camera and communicate effectively.

The site is designed to be interactive, with users are able to search through faith questions, create their own account profile, share their own personal story of Jesus, and help their friends to start their own journey to discover more about God.

"The church encourages young people to share their faith but forgets that they find it hard to communicate and explain it," said Darren Quinnell, director of Message to the Masses.

"Starting a journey with Jesus doesn't mean you know all the answers, but the pressure to provide answers is huge.

"My hope is that Message to the Masses will provide young people a platform to express, explain and engage friends with their faith in a constructive and interactive way."

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