Christian Sudan woman's brother says she deserves to be executed for apostasy

CNN video screenshotMeriam Ibrahim with her children, Martin and Maya.

The brother of imprisoned Sudanese woman Meriam Ibrahim defended his decision to turn his sister in to authorities for apostasy in an interview published today.

Al Samani Al Hadi said that they are "Muslim people," and that Ibrahim should be executed if she refuses to denounce Christianity.

On May 15, Ibrahim was sentenced to 100 lashes and death by hanging for marrying a Christian and refusing to renounce her faith. Although she was raised by an Ethiopian Orthodox Christian mother, Ibrahim is considered Muslim because her estranged father was of Islamic faith.

She has been held in the Omdurman Federal Women's Prison in North Khartoum with her 20-month-old son since January, and gave birth to a daughter in prison on May 27.

Al Hadi said that his sister has one of two choices to make.

"If she repents and returns to our Islamic faith and to the embrace of our family, then we are her family and she is ours," he told CNN through a translator. "But if she refuses she should be executed."

He also said that despite an international outcry over Ibrahim's case, she has broken the laws of their country.

"We are a sovereign state with our rulings and our constitution," he said. "Our laws have been validated by our parliament. A free country ruled by our laws that are derived from the Quran and the teachings of the Prophet, peace be upon him."

CNN video screenshotAl Samani Al Hadi

Ibrahim's husband, American biochemical engineer Daniel Wani, was visiting Sudan in June 2013 to secure U.S. admission for Meriam and their son, Martin, when Al Hadi filed apostasy charges against her. Nations across the globe have condemned her sentence.

Without intervention, Ibrahim will be executed when her daughter turns two years old.

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