Matt and Lauren Chandler says God's plan for men and women is to marry and have children, unless they're 'called to singleness'

Simona Balint

In a video promoting his upcoming book, "Mingling of the Soul: God's Design for Love, Marriage, Sex and Redemption," Acts 29 President Matt Chandler and his wife, Lauren, encouraged married couples to have children. 

The Chandlers insisted that it is God's plan for men and women to marry and procreate, unless they are called to singlehood.

"You've been designed by God physically, emotionally to have children," Chandler said in a video released Tuesday.

Chandler referenced God's instruction to Adam to "be fruitful and multiply" (Genesis 1:28), and urged married couples to examine their hearts if they do not want children. 

"I think the question I'd like to ask back [is], 'I want to know why you wouldn't want to have children,'" he began.

"I think, more often than not, what gets revealed is a selfishness of heart or some kind of fear that's either rooted in an experience or not rooted in reality at all.

"God's big plan is for a man and woman to marry… and have children unless they're called to singleness." 

In regards to couples experiencing fertility issues, Lauren said that adoption is an option, but is not for everyone

"I do believe there are still people who… they're not able but maybe they don't feel called to adoption and there's some that don't, aren't able to have kids and they do feel called to adoption," she explained. 

Lauren encouraged infertile couples to be fruitful in other ways, such as ministering to others. 

The "Mingling of Souls" video question-and-answer series will be offered weekly in promotion of Pastor Chandler's book. DVDs and study guides will accompany the release, which will appear in stores on New Year's Day. 

Watch the trailer below: