MAF: Evangelism abound in Chad despite instability

In spite of being a troubled nation, there is much evangelism taking place in Chad. Pastors and church leaders are being empowered to share the Gospel all over the country as part of the Chad for Christ campaign.

Beginning in 1994, Chad for Christ conducts evangelistic campaigns in areas all over Chad with a long-term view to evangelise all the villages in the country.

The next phase of the campaign will focus on church planting and discipleship.

Mission Aviation Fellowship's team in Chad is supporting this campaign with flights with a view to inform and motivate Christians and authorities on the ground for this next phase.

Greg Vine flew several pastors on a three-day safari to visit local pastors and Christians in a number of villages. Some of the villages haven't had a visit from their senior pastors for five years and were extremely happy to receive them at last.

The pastors are planning a church planting training seminar in September and wanted to encourage as many as possible to attend. The aim is to bring together people of all denominations from across the whole country to provide training and supply the tools to help in the nationwide church planting and discipleship campaign.

A total of 1,147 evangelists have been recruited for this next stage, and the plan is to assign evangelists to each of the 62 provinces of Chad, focusing on an area within the province where there is no church.

Greg writes, "It was very evident that each community was encouraged by the visits and that there is a renewed sense of purpose generated by their message."

Chad is currently enjoying religious freedom.