Machine gun theme park opens in Florida 

(Photo: Reuters/Jim Young)

A new Florida theme park is drawing criticism, and droves of eager visitors, just six miles from Disney World. 

The controversial attraction is Machine Gun America, where visitors 13 years old and up can shoot high caliber automatic weapons.

The targets range from traditional cutouts to vampires, to pictures of deceased al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden, and visitors can fire MP5s, M4s, Glock 17s, and other powerful weapons. 

No prior weapons training is required, and the facility's director of safety and training, Wes Doss, said that people have travelled from around the world to visit the park. 

"The experience here is right up there with what you would find on a thrill junkie's bucket list," he explained

"We've had a large number of UK families coming in to shoot as well as tourists from Brazil and Finland."

The park employs range safety officers that ensure the safety and comfort of each visitor, and are assigned individually. 

"They're not just trained in house, but also NRA certified," Doss insisted. 

"The officer immediately communicates with the client to find out what their experience is and what their comfort level is.

"Then they integrate them into a firearm that isn't going to scare them and won't be a shock to shoot."

Doss said that women frequent the park more than men, and ticket prices start at $100.

"Machine Gun America has a tremendous amount of potential," he said. "I believe it's popularity is going to come from that natural curiosity that everyone has towards firearms."