MacBook Pro 2016 not included in March 2016 event; laptop may launch in June 2016

The MacBook Pro has always been considered of one of the most powerful laptops in the market and the next iteration has been teased for some time. However, no release date has been announced thus far and in a report from MacWorld, it hasn't been included in a special Apple event scheduled for March 2016.

The unnamed event, which many fans speculate to be the next "Spring Forward" event, is set to launch several new products for Apple. Some of these new products include the Apple Watch 2, iPhone 6c and the highly anticipated iPad Air 3. 

Among the items in question is the Apple MacBook Air 2016. It is highly rumored to be included on the list and this would make sense given that the previous iteration of the MacBook Air also launched around this time earlier this year. However, because of the MacBook Air's inclusion the MacBook Pro has been left out of the lineup.

This is most likely to avoid in-house competition. Having both the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro release simultaneously could lead to consumers choosing one over the other. By leaving one product out the other will have a significantly better chance of selling. 

With the MacBook Air launching in March to April, this would mean the MacBook Pro 2016 would not be unveiled until late May or early June. This would give the MacBook Pro enough space in the market without having to worry about stealing the spotlight from the MacBook Air.

Both laptops will utilize the new Intel Skylake-U processors, Force Touch features, thinner designs and an updated OS X El Capitan. However, the MacBook Pro is set to be more powerful with faster built-in RAM and more storage space compared to the MacBook Air, making the Pro a true-and-true business or gaming hardware compared to the light design of the Air, which is garnered more for casual users or students.