New MacBook Air 2014 rumors: Reports of 12-inch Apple laptop leaked

New information about the alleged MacBook Air was posted by a blogger last Monday, claiming that the 12-inch version of the bestselling laptop line will come much lighter and thinner compared to its predecessors.

Jack March, a blog dedicated to gadget gossips and leaked reports about upcoming devices, mentions that the upcoming MacBook Air will be released sometime in mid-2015, and it will have a sleeker, thinner design.

The blog cites a source from the Cupertino-based firm, saying that the new thin packaging can affect the standard USB port size. This could mean that Apple will have to start using the reversible USB Type C to be able to connect flashdrives with this device. This can be a hassle for those who are using the standard USB connectors, but the source also claims that Apple could include a Type C adapter to make the regular USB compatible with the laptop.

In addition, Jack March also reports that the new MacBook Air could possibly come out without a fan in its hardware. This can be a bit tricky, since a laptop can easily break down if the processor overheats. Yet according to the blog source, Apple could probably use a Broadwell line of processors to let the device work long hours without compromising its temperatures.

Other notable changes from the MacBook Air that was posted in the same website includes the keyboard with "almost no space on the side," as well as the new location for the new visible speaker that will be seen above the keyboard.

Jack March initially reported that the upcoming MacBook Air will be available in different colors, such as the signature Space Gray, Silver, and Gold.

Meanwhile, DigiTimes reported the rumors that a thinner MacBook Pro will also be released by the end of the year or early next year. The production for this line of laptops is reportedly ongoing.