Lords to debate prostitution law change

The Christian Institute has welcomed the Government’s plans to tighten the law on prostitution, due to be debated by the House of Lords on Wednesday as part of the Policing and Crime Bill.

Under new measures designed to deal with the problem of sex trafficking, anyone caught buying from a prostitute who has been subjected to force, deception or threats would be guilty of a criminal offence.

Colin Hart, Director of The Christian Institute, said: “Thousands of girls are being trafficked into the UK every year to be forced into prostitution by people who know they can make money from them. This will continue until the demand for prostitutes is cut.

“We believe that the Government’s latest proposals will go some way towards turning the tide on trafficking by deterring people from purchasing sex."

He expressed regret, however, at plans to relax measures dealing with the sale of sex, warning that prostitution was "inherently harmful".

According to a Christian Institute briefing on prostitution, 90 per cent of prostitutes want to escape prostitution but feel unable to do so.

Mr Har said: "Properly funded drug treatment orders are needed instead of the Bill’s cut price counselling."