Limitless, the new album from Planetshakers

Planetshakers will be releasing a brand new album on 15 January.

Limitless is the 25th album from the Australian youth and young adult movement, and features 13 songs plus a bonus DVD.

The title track is being released this week and is also the song for the first music video from the recording.

Limitless was recorded live at this year's Planetshakers Conference, and features a new version of their hit song “The Anthem”.

“This Planetshakers Limitless album is probably the most exciting album that we’ve worked on,” says worship leader Joth Hunt.

Russell Evans, Planetshakers’ founder and senior pastor of Planetshakers City Church, says, “I feel this album is a proclamation that you can live a life that is limitless because Jesus lives in you and there is no limit. And as you listen to this and you encounter God through this, our prayer is that your life actually will be that; it will be limitless.

“Planetshakers is much more than the worship experience. It’s the Word and the worship together so that we can create an environment for people to experience the presence of God and the word of God.

“It’s presenting the worship and Word in a new school presentation, but also having that old school faith and breakthrough behind it. The message doesn’t change, but the method does.”

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