Lifelike Jesus statue has people calling the police

A sculpture entitled Homeless Jesus is so realistic that it has had concerned members of the public calling the police. 

The Toronto Sun reports that the sculpture in Sarnia, Ontario, has been mistaken for a body and prompted some people to dial 911.

The sculpture features a person lying on a street bench shrouded in a blanket, with only their hand and feet showing.

The local police weren't able to say exactly how many times they had received calls in connection with the sculpture but Const. Les Jones said it was "not uncommon to get calls" about it.

"There was a while there where they were getting several calls a day," the officer said.

The Homeless Jesus sculpture was designed by Michigan artist Clay Williams, River City Vineyard pastor George Esser and his nephew Aaron Esser, and placed there after the Harbour Inn Homeless Shelter closed in June.

The police have become so accustomed to calls from people mistaking it for a person in distress that they no longer send officers out to investigate.

Esser said it wasn't their intention to scare anyone with the sculpture but added that it was good the sculpture "brings awareness" of homelessness.