Lent studies explore the Bible's message on power

The Methodist Relief and Development Fund (MRDF) and the Evangelical Alliance have collaborated to produce a series of inspirational video reflections for Lent.

The material, which will be available from 17 February, is based on MRDF's latest study resource What does the Bible say about power? The video clips focus on the successes and failures of Biblical figures - such as Samson and Jesus - and what each did with the power in their hands.

The series, which comprises six videos, also challenges people to think about the power they have to impact the lives of others.

Audrey Skervin, MRDF's Supporter Relations Officer, said: "Lent is an ideal time to think about Jesus and the power he set aside in the name of love.

"We hope the videos will inspire people to use the power we have to make a positive impact on our local and global neighbours."

Krish Kandiah, Executive Director for Churches in Mission at the Evangelical Alliance, said: "The Evangelical Alliance is delighted to be working with MRDF aiming to help the church get into the Bible during Lent as part of our Biblefresh campaign (www.biblefresh.com).

"We need to hear the prophetic voice of God's word challenging the way we use power, especially in the run-up to the general election."

The first video can be downloaded from www.eauk.org from 17 February. A new reflection will be available every week during Lent. People can order free copies of MRDF's study pack, What does the Bible say about power? for use in their house groups and youth groups by calling 020 7467 5132 or by visiting www.mrdf.org.uk/power.