Leftovers for Africa

Put your leftovers in an envelope and send it to Africa.  This is one action Christian Aid definitely does not recommend people do to help world hunger! 

But it is the suggestion of an entrepreneur by the name of Dan Stirling who is the character of Christian Aid's new spoof film, Leftovers for Africa, which has been launched to raise awareness of poverty and hunger.

The film is designed to engage young people and show them what they really could do to help end hunger around the world. 

Christian Aid's Church Youth Manager Laura Bardwell said: "With Leftovers for Africa we're aiming to engage young people in a way that Christian Aid has never tried before. We want to strip back the often dense political language of campaigning and provide simple, practical actions that they can take.

"This year has so far seen huge progress made on raising the awareness of food security and hunger issues with the IF campaign. Young people have played a big role in this and it's important to provide them with a means of continuing this work and putting this learning into action.

"Leftovers for Africa suggests that by posting half-eaten food into envelopes and sending it to hungry people, we can help end world hunger. This of course is an absurd idea so we're using this false message to inform young people of things they can do - actions they can take which will make a difference."

Such as becoming part of the Christian Aid Collective, which gives young people the opportunity to learn about issues of poverty and social justice, and discuss and engage with others passionate about the fight against global poverty.

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