Kindergartener identifies lunchroom teacher who told her she's not allowed to pray [Video]

YouTube screenshotMarcos Perez

The five-year old girl who was told not to pray over her lunch has positively identified the offending teacher.

After kindergartener Gabriella Perez was presented with a lineup of suspects, she was able to finger the "lunchroom teacher" who chastised her.

Perez gained national attention when her parents uploaded a YouTube video in which she describes being told that prayer is wrong.

"My lunch teacher told me that, when I was about to say something, she said, 'You're not allowed to pray,'" Perez recounted.

She told her teacher "It's good to pray," to which the teacher allegedly responded, "It's not good."

The incident allegedly occurred the week of March 10.

The Perez family has retained The Liberty Institute, a Christian advocacy organization, for legal representation.

"We are grateful that Carillon Elementary School is now taking this matter seriously and conducting a thorough investigation," Liberty Institute Senior Counsel Jeremy Dys told WKMG Orlando.

"We hope that, at the conclusion of this investigation, school officials will apologize for this clear violation of the Perez family's religious liberty and begin to restore the trust of the community."

Seminole County Schools initially denied that the incident had ever occurred.

"The situation as stated by the parent has not occurred according to the school's investigation," Communications Officer Michael Lawrence said last month.

"We're dealing with very young children here so there's quite a bit of an opportunity for miscommunication to occur. The timing and the issues were very odd considering that the first thing that happened was that a video was done. It was on YouTube."

Gabriella's father, Marcos, is glad the school is finally taking action.

"My goal throughout this process has been to defend my daughter's religious liberty," he told WKMG.

"I am thankful that the school now believes that something clearly happened when my daughter attempted to say grace and are taking swift action to correct the situation."

Marcos Perez