Kathie Lee Gifford pens emotional song about the moment her husband saw Jesus before he died

(Facebook/Kathie Lee Gifford)Kathie Lee Gifford says her Christian critics have expressed doubts on how she could maintain her Christianity in Hollywood.

American actress Kathie Lee Gifford has paid tribute to her beloved late husband Frank by releasing a new song called "He Saw Jesus" that she wrote about Frank seeing Jesus Christ right before he died.

"I hope it brings hope to people," she said in Today before performing the song. "So many people loved Frank. So many people still do. I wanted to honor his memory with it, but I also wanted it to do some good in the world."

Gifford was very emotional throughout the performance, since it brought her back to Frank's dying day. "He saw the heavens open, he saw the Father's open arms and when you feel that kind of love, how could you stay?" she sang. "When he saw Jesus, 'cause He Jesus and He took his breath away."

"No I didn't lose him, I know right where he is. 'Cause he was never really mine, no he was always His," Gifford continued to sing. "And though I miss his kisses, I can't fill that empty space, it helps when I remember that sweet look on his face when he saw Jesus."

Gifford and Frank were married for 29 years before he passed away of natural causes on August 9, 2015. Frank was 84.

Just last month, Gifford lost her mother Joan Epstein, 87. When she appeared on the appeared on the Today show, Gifford compared her mother's passing to her late husband's. "My mom, if you didn't know... she passed away in her sleep in her beautiful bed yesterday morning," she said. "Just like [Gifford's husband] Frank, I believe she saw Jesus and Jesus took her breath away. And it gives me great comfort."

In fact, Gifford said her mother was really curious about heaven so she accepted her death willingly. "My mom had no fear. She had the strongest faith of anybody I've ever known and I'm grateful for her every day of my life, even when she was driving me crazy, because she was such a lady," she added.